We ensure your tranquility and that of your home when you are away. Enjoy 100% of your time and your home. Oikiacare offers you its comprehensive SUBSCRIPTION service.

If you manage short-term and long-term holiday homes, OIKIACARE offers you a personalized and professional response with the largest catalogue of preventive care services.


In Oikiacare we dedicate ourselves to take preventive care of your home in Spain, while you live in your usual home, with full guarantee with our services.


The best care for your property 24/7

Happy owners and guests

Personal relationship with the owner or manager

We increase its value

Reliable and quality service

100% security, your home in good hands

We take care of everything you need

We take care of your home for your tranquility and that of your family

Preventive occupational check

Own equipment for better control and conservation of your property.

Incident management

We are available 365 days for any unforeseen event. We respond to any emergency.

Smart locks

Access monitoring, security and information for the property. More comfortable and safe for controls in case of guests.

Monthly intervention 360

We carry out a full inspection of your home, both inside and outside.

Professional cleaning

High standards for better assessments. Continuous monitoring.

Preventive care

Review and maintenance program to ensure the detection and repair of leaks with all the plumbing of the accommodation.

…and much more

The opinion of our clients

OIKIACARE is the perfect solution to take care of her, with monthly subscription.