Oikiacare is a company specialized in the care and supervision of second homes, belonging to a group of companies with solid experience with more than 30 years in the execution of new residences in Spain, managing and caring in a preventive way,
with continuous improvements, in the second homes of private owners, property managers, real estate companies and asset managers.

For this we have our own qualified staff, in addition to a wide portfolio of certified suppliers and specialists in each area, so that you can enjoy with complete peace of mind your second residence in Spain.


At Oikiacare, we believe in the importance of watching, maintaining and monitoring your second home when you are away, when you are residing in your first usual home. This is reflected in everything we specialize in: your second home in perfect condition.

We are honored to respond to the care of the second residences of a wide variety of clients, both national and international, for the confidence they place in us to meet their needs remotely, from their home country, offering them a quick management of their second residences with unique solutions.


The mission of OIKIACARE is to accompany our clients to fully enjoy their time during
their stay in Spain.

At Oikiacare, we not only strive to give your home the preventive care it deserves, but we also care deeply so that you enjoy your stay without any kind of impropriety, maintaining the best second home for your family.

We offer you and your second residence the appropriate dedication needed.


As we move forward, at Oikiacare we are committed to remaining a leader in the management of second homes, constantly innovating and exceeding expectations in every client we undertake. Discover how we can offer you more pleasant and unforeseen stays.

Our vision is to get you the best stay in Spain, by taking care of you, looking after you and offering you everything you need for your second home.






Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about Oikiacare!