Continent: Housing (at full value), annexes, fences and outdoor areas, trees, gardens and plants, to the subscribed capital.

Content: Furniture and fixtures, to the subscribed capital.

Fires: Fire and complementary. Atmospheric damage. Rain. Wind. Hail. Snow. Leaks through the roof and façade. To 100%.

Floods: Expenses for clearing and extracting sludge. Impacts, vandalism and other damage. At 5%. Acts of vandalism or malicious acts caused by third parties. Acts of vandalism caused by the tenant (deductible equivalent to 1 month’s rent, with a minimum of €500 incident). Smoke produced by leaks or escapes and spills from fire installations. Collision or impact of vehicles, falling aircraft and sonic waves. Total ruin. To 100%.

Water damage: Breakage, leaks or leaks from pipes. Forgetting to close taps. Leaks coming from adjacent or upper homes. Location and repair of water leaks. To 100%. Unclogging of pipes using vehicles equipped with high pressure equipment (vat truck) €300 per annual accident. Location and repair without damage €750. Excess water consumption €1,500 per annual incident. Leaks due to defective joints in sanitary devices €250. Civil liability derived from water €150,000.

Expenses derived from the incident: Extinction and reduction. Demolition and debris removal. Technical fees and permits. Rescue. To 100%. Replacement of files and documents €1,000. Extended aesthetic restitution €600.

Electrical damage to installations and breakdown of electrical and/or electronic equipment: Electrical damage to installations 100%. Breakdown of electrical and/or electronic equipment 100%. Includes appliance repair service 2 annual services. Travel + 3 hours. M.O.

Theft, theft and robbery: Theft from the continent 100%. Damage to the continent due to theft 100%. Theft and robbery of content 100%. Theft of property in storage rooms and annexes €1,000. Replacement of locks due to theft or robbery 100%. Replacement of locks due to theft or loss 100%.

Breakage: Breakage of mirrors and glass. Breakage of countertops. Breakage of glass ceramic plates. Breakage of toilets. 100% civil liability. Civil liability of the property €150,000.

Services: Home Assistance Included. Set of services offered by the company to address emergency situations or professional needs:

  • Own technical repair service Emergency care 24 hours x 365 days
  • Sending professionals for estimates and repairs Free travel
  • Energy certification of the home Realization under preferential conditions
  • Electricity and emergency locksmith 24 hours x 365 days.
  • Free travel and labor
  • Security personnel up to 48 hours
  • Replacement of TV and other equipment Up to 15 days
  • Hotel, restaurant and laundry expenses resulting from an accident Up to €300


Urgent boiler repair service included.

Free dispatch of a qualified technician to repair the natural gas or butane boilers of the insured home on an urgent basis. The service includes travel and up to two hours of labor.

  • 1 annual service


Claim and basic legal defense.

Legal defense of the interests of the insured in the area of his or her private life, with the company assuming the resulting expenses. The service also includes the following features:

  • Damage claim €3,000
  • Rights related to housing €3,000
  • Defense of rights before the Insurance Compensation Consortium €3,000
  • Criminal defense €3,000

These coverages may vary depending on the service chosen.

If you want to extend coverage you must contact OIKIACARE.